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Category: Virtual Architecture

Cohesive Space

This enviroment is our virtual office. We are meeting there, discussing ideas, bringing images, video and 3D models into the space as easily as drag and drop. Web based, this is accessible to everyone on mobile, laptop or Oculus Quest.


The SoapboxVR is an on-going project developped for the SoapBox Islington Youth Centre located near Old Street, London. During the 2020 lockdown, young people could not access the amazing facilities, so we have built a digital twin for them to run their activities in VR.

Modular Wooden Room

This was build during the first sanitary lockdown as a virtual classroom. It is based on 5 main blocks which can be arranged rapidly in any type of space.

XRmas Party 2020

This art gallery was originally created for an art company. It is now our main event space where we ran our XRmas party 2020.