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View from the entrance.

The SoapboxVR is a on-going project developped for the SoapBox Islington Youth Centre located near Old Street, London. During the 2020 lockdown, young people could not access the amazing facilities, so we have built a digital twin for them to run their activities in VR. Some exciting developments are in the making…


“Pierre has supported work with socially excluded young people at Soapbox Youth Centre since 2017 and in that time he has been instrumental in helping to develop our work with virtual reality. Not only has this seen young people develop Specialist and Higher Level digital skills unavailableto them anywhere else, but it has also seen Pierre become a central figure in our efforts to deliver 21st Century youth work.

This is no better exemplified than through his work in the building of our virtual reality youth centre. This not only has transformative potential for work at Soapbox, but also for online youth work across the UK and beyond. ” James Dellow, Soapbox Islington.