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Buddha of Bamiyan – Cultural Heritage

Budha of Bamyian Thumb

The Buddha of Bamiyan Hubs explores the potential of using photogrammetry and WebXR to create an original multi-user virtual experience. This combination offers the most accessible way to visit archeological site otherwise dangerous and very difficult to access.

Behind the Scene

The first part of the process is to 3Dscan the site. The entire site is digitised as a point cloud. Each point is defined with color information and 3dimensional location. These files contain very detailed information and can get big in size.

The point cloud is then turned into a mesh using photogrammetry software. A texture is also generated during this process. As an alternative method, we can also transfer the point cloud information from a high density mesh (generated by the photogrammetry software) to a low density mesh.

The main purpose of this workflow is to optimise the 3D file to create a smooth VR experience. Beside optimization, reconstruction is also considered, when necessary. This is a process of trial and error juggling with the softwares till a suitable result is achieved between mesh optimization and texturing quality. Various points to be considered during this process such as file size, VR platform for which the experience will be developed and available computer capabilities.

From the top looking down.