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SantaVR 2020

In 2020, Metaxu.studio collaborated with Power of Chi to accelerate the build of a wintery wonderland. SantaVR was an immersive festive experience for adults and children to visit a Christmas wonderland and meet Santa. Guests would have snowball fights, help Santa deliver gifts and explore his home.

How did we build the experience?

At Metaxu.studio, for the last 6 months, we have used successfully the Mozilla Hubs open-source platform which allows anyone with an internet browser to access the virtual experience, whatever their device (mobile, tablet, laptop, or a headset). We now have invested in a more robust solution with Mozilla Hubs Cloud hosted on Amazon Web Service which gives us a couple of servers and CPU dedicated to support the VR experience.

From a design standpoint, SantaVR was created in a couple of rapid iteration using an original workflow. The environment was modelled in VR using Medium Adobe, optimised in Blender, textured with Substance, then imported back into Blender for final check before being exported to Spoke. Most of the assets, like sounds, props (snowballs, snow man, deers, presents,…) were also imported into Spoke where the whole scene was put together before being published on our dedicated server.

There is much more we have learned with this project. If you would like to know more, please contact us.


“For any one not able to visit SantaVR, this was fantastic! I was the worst customer, forgot I booked (got a text reminding me). We had a few technical issues and had to change devices. However, they were so patience, helpful and accommodating. We put a present at our back door for her to find and it all worked perfectly! We threw presents and snowballs over a cliff. When you throw the presents you have to think of the person you want it to go to and it goes there, This is how SantaVR is delivering presents this year! Desia thought of her friend Sophie. So we put a present outside Sophie’s house (Desia didn’t know), then we called her to see if she got it! So extra magic for the kids! Obviously, you’re able to tell them so much about the child when you book, so it’s great! You choose an avatar and walk around. My fiance was really impressed as he though it would be just a video.” Gina Wallace, customer.